New eBay Gift Card-2023

What is eBay Gift Card?

eBay Gift Card can be used to buy items from the eBay website in the form of vouchers. These vouchers can be redeemed on the website in the form of a money in the eBay account. A registered buyer can also buy gifts on eBay.

How to Get eBay Gift Card?

The process to get eBay gift card is quite simple. You just have to follow a simple step by step process and watch out for the steps that are left.
Step #1: Go to the eBay website and register.
Step #2: Go to your “account” page and click on “Purchase eBay gift card” option.
Step #3: Enter the required details such as full name, email address, payment and then choose the “click to buy eBay gift card” option.

How to Use eBay Gift Card?

When an eBay user clicks on the gift card tab, they get to know if they can use a gift card or not. It would not be a gift card on eBay if the card was purchased by a user from an unauthorized seller.

How to Redeem eBay Gift Card?

You can do it from your PC/laptop (Windows/Mac), android, smart-phones or tablets.
eBay Account Details:
There are two ways to claim your Gift Card:
PayPal Account: Just log into your eBay account from the eBay app on your device and then go to “My eBay”.

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